CGFNS Credentials Verification Support

CGFNS Credentials Verification Support

CGFNS Credentials Verification Support

CGFNS Credentials Verification Support

Our CGFNS Credentials Verification Support streamlines the verification process for a hassle-free experience. Rely on our expertise to guide you through each step, ensuring a smooth and efficient credential evaluation. We understand the importance of accuracy and timeliness in this process, and our dedicated support team is here to assist you. Trust us to navigate the complexities, allowing you to focus on your professional journey with confidence. Whether you're a nurse or healthcare professional, our comprehensive support ensures that your credentials are verified accurately, meeting the necessary standards for your career advancement. Your success is our priority.

What Documents You Will Need

Identity Documents

College Verification

Licence Registration

Employment Verification

Language Proficiency

Contact Information

CGFNS Official Website:

CGFNS Official Helpline: +1-267-845-4521

CGFNS Login:

WHAT THIS INCLUDESMindtree Nursing Solutions' CGFNS credentials verification support services include application guidance, documentation assistance etc, facilitating a successful transition for internationally qualified nurses.

  • CGFNS is the initial step in NZNC processing.
  • CGFNS International verifies your identity, credentials, employment, and language proficiency.
  • Personal, identity, education, employment, licence, and language details are added on the CGFNS Portal.
  • Completion requires a $300 payment, accepted via international transaction-enabled Visa or Mastercard.
  • CGFNS validity is 1 year, renewable at $120 if necessary.
  • Verification forms are generated within 3-4 business days post-payment.
  • We guide you through the forms via Google Meet or Zoom, typically between 9 AM and 5:30 PM during your available hours.
  • Commence the paperwork process.

Please Note: Your personalized 1-hour session will be on Skype and can be taken from any location worldwide. Only 1 Degree/ Specialisation can be discussed in 1 session.